Scenes from some of the following musicals & Opera  will be used as showcase pieces.



A Chorus Line ; Miss Saigon; West Side Story; Fiddler on the Roof;  Hairspray; Rocky Horror Show;

Sound of Music;  Chicago; Cabaret.



Cosi Fan Tutte; La Traviata; Marriage of Figaro; Don Pasquale; Pearlfishers; Barber of Seville.

Participant suggestions for repertoire is encouraged.


The Musicals and Opera course is held over a period of  Ten Days and students will attend classes six hours per day plus a warm up session.   The course will be taught within a number of studios to ensure all students  major in their main  discipline but will also have specific level   sessions in their secondary disciplines.  If you are primarily a singer you will be in an advanced singer category but possibly an intermediate-higher dance category. This will allow you to develop your secondary skills in a holistic way.

THE “WARM UP” SESSION [40 minutes]

The working plan is to have a group session at the start and end of the each day where the whole group can connect, learn to work together as one company of actors and assess progress, both as an individual and of the production as a whole. The first session of the day will involve creative play to develop interactive skills in movement of the body as an instrument, awareness of spatial dynamics, listening and reacting positively to verbal and physical stimuli from others, drama games to encourage alertness and team playing, while always addressing the fear of making a fool of oneself. This will allow students to get to know each other, build up trust and confidence, enabling them to each recognise their own artistic strengths.

 This is preparation for the day ahead, with each student ready in mind and body to develop their own personal technique while exploring new areas using their creative imagination. This session will also start to build up the stamina needed for the production, and to consider the energy needed for performance.

Darren Royston will lead this session, exploring some of the basic fundamentals of the art of movement, using the scales and dynamic exercises developed from the approach of Rudolf Laban. He will be assisted by Faye Maughan, who will demonstrate some of the physical exercises. Each day will add more information to create a Historical Dance performed as a Dramatic Dance as part of the performance as a Finale to the production at the end of the week.



The morning classes will divide into specialist techniques and theatre skills. Options will include dance classes at either beginners or advanced level in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. There will be Drama classes led by Andrew Tidmarsh [Acting / Diction & Voice / Acting Song]. There will be small groups for singing tuition (Unlocking the Voice / Singing as Communication of Emotion) by  Stefan Sanchez and coaching  sessions by west End conductor,  Tom Wakely . There will be sessions for Character Analysis using movement led by Faye Maughan.



Dividing the students into groups as per scenes. Some of these are drama based acting scenes. Some of these are opera scenes (arias, duets, trios). Some of these are dance production numbers (character tableaux or dance routines). Some of these are devised theatre on a theme, developing a relevant interpretation of the scenario. The initial sessions over the first three days will be based on learning repertoire and devising material for staging (music, character, choreography) and then this will develop into rehearsal sessions, where all teachers will be involved in a combined effort. These groups will work intensely in separate studio spaces, and then be brought together in the main theatre space, in rotation.



The final part of each day will bring the students together. To feedback on what has been created and start to perform for each other. This will allow group musical theatre numbers to be developed to involve everyone. This session will allow all participants to understand what part they each contribute to the story and the theatre piece. This session will end with some cool down exercises led by Faye Maughan.


As the week progresses, the rehearsals will have longer sessions, ending with full run throughs of the production. Costume, set and lighting will be added, so that there are technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals.